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Some ways the proposed PROSPER Act could impact students

For the first time in nearly a decade, the United States Congress is about to take up legislation to upgrade the Higher Education Act – the federal law that governs how the federal government supports and regulates higher education institutions. The process began earlier this month, when U.S. Rep. Virginia ...

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7 Times to Recalculate Your Life Insurance Needs

Below we’ve highlighted seven examples of how these needs can change throughout your lifetime. 1. Marriage and Life InsuranceWhen you get married, financial obligations become a joint effort. If one of you dies, a life insurance policy can help ensure the surviving spouse has the financial stability to maintain his/her ...

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asking these 4 questions about any college

Even though for-profit colleges get a bad rap for being predatory and leaving students saddled with debt but no degree, a significant number of private nonprofit and public colleges have the same issues. For example, a recent analysis examined 781 colleges where most students borrow and few can repay their ...

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